Your mental wealth kit

Our brains and body systems give us an amazing set of inbuilt guidance systems and learning tools*. These help us to meet our needs and navigate life in our world.

Check out some key resources of the mental wealth kit that nature provides us. 

Lives That Work coaching focuses on using these resources effectively, applying them to make your life work well for you.

*This section draws extensively from the Human Givens model of emotional needs and innate resources.

Our innate resources

Emotions and instincts​

Our basic guidance system for survival

Long-term memory

The storehouse of our innate knowledge and continuous learning from experience


Our ability to build rapport and connect with others


A powerful sensory and language tool for solving problems and dreaming up possibilities


Conscious thinking that can check out emotions, question, analyse and plan

Pattern-matching, intuitive, ‘knowing’ mind

Unconscious processing that makes instant evaluations of experience through matching up input with stored patterns

Dreaming brain

The theatre of sleep, where our unmet emotional expectations from the previous day are acted out through metaphor in dreams

Observing self

Our self-awareness, a unique centre of consciousness that can stand apart from intellect, emotions and conditioning

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