Nau mai, welcome!

Making change can be easier than you think

Kia ora, I’m Michael Keith, a life coach and counsellor based in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.

You’ve found yourself at a good place to explore what you need to have a life that works – the life that’s a platform for the person you truly want to be.

These are tough times to feel your life’s not working well, like losing focus and being unable to make decisions, struggling with your emotional wellbeing, or even with your overall mental health.

Whatever’s going on for you, challenges or difficulties, I’m here to offer straightforward and practical support and advice to help you deal with it.

You can trust that you will be really listened to and enabled to discover different perspectives and new insights and directions.

Our work together will have an immediate effect. You’ll get a fresh outlook on your situation along with new hope, focusing on your strengths and resources.


Turn your problem into growth

Overwhelmed by anxiety or depression?
Together we’ll identify strategies and skills to get your sense of control back.

Stressed out by problems at work or home?
We’ll work on calming your system so you can access your problem-solving brain.

Stuck in a broken relationship or situation?
We’ll shed light on what needs to happen to move to resolution.

In the grip of habits or behaviour you want to change?
We’ll pinpoint more effective ways to meet your needs.​



What’s right with you is the key to sorting out what’s going wrong.

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