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Lives That Work​

Lives That Work is my practical response to a pressing need in our stressful world. To help people get their lives on track with emotional health, common sense skills and clear thinking.

My coaching philosophy has developed over decades of life experience. As a family member, partner, parent and friend. As a team member and leader in many workplaces. As a writer, teacher and trainer. As a business owner, a community member and volunteer.

Throughout, I have remained curious about the ways in which human lives work and the purpose of human being. I bring that experience along with my training and accreditation as a coach to my practice.

I also bring the influence of my training in the Human Givens approach – a set of powerful insights into the place of emotional wellbeing and clear thinking in healthy minds.

So here’s what drives me. People who use their life resources effectively to meet their core needs have the very best platform for creating fulfilling lives – lives that work well for them and the world around them.

I see this coaching as a creative collaboration to help you tap the wealth of your resources to sort out your difficulties and challenges. Bringing together the right sort of effort at the right time and place.

Perhaps you’re reading this at such a moment. I welcome the opportunity to work with you if so.

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